Chameleon Colors

Relative to other automotive paint color types, chameleon paint colors have limited market availability.  There are only about 15-20 chamleleon pearl pigments that provide truly unique colors available in the market place.  However, each chameleon color can be customized to give colors that are unique by by varying the application technique (how much chameleon is applied), and combination with other dyes and pigments.  Often times paint suppliers report only the two main colors in the display rather than all the colors that can be possible seen in the viewing.  For instance, blue to red chameleon paint from House of Kolor shows some incredible change from blue to gold to purple to red to violet.  Therefore it is best to choose your color based on photos of cars or video.  We find it is really hard to tell the color from a small color sample also.  You should always check the color on a test panel as well.


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